1986 – Master of sports in track-and-field, has graduated from the Saint Petersburg Institute Named after P. F. Lesgaft

                              1987 – Has graduated from the faculty of sports massage qualification raising in the Institute of Physical Education Named after P. F. Lesgaft

                              1990 – Has graduated from the faculty of point massage qualification raising in the Institute of Physical Education Named after P. F. Lesgaft

                              1991 – The All-Union University of bioenergetics and folk healing. The course of lectures and seminar sessions on medical diagnostics and correction of human energy fields

                              1992 – Has graduated from the Higher Academy of Social and Labor Adaptation. Has acquired the qualification of an instructor/masseur of bioenergetics correction

                              1997 – Has acquired the certificate of Latvian Folk Healer Association, with the award of qualification "Latvian folk healer”

                               Since 19968 up to now – visits to energetic and sacred sites of ancient civilizations at Altai, in Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal, India, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Mexico

                               2004 – Has acquired the certificate of Latvian Folk Healer Association, with the award of qualification "healer/psychic”

                              Since 2004 up to now – regular attendance of seminars on the study of Vedic knowledge and Ayurveda naturopathy

                              2008 – Has acquired the certificate of Association of Ayurvedic medicine of Russia Saint Petersburg State Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine


Career History


                         1974- 1987 – winner and awardee of Latvian championships, All-Union and international   competitions

                         1978  up to now – private practice in rehabilitation, rejuvenation, healthy lifestyle in Latvia, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Slovenia and England

                         1987 – Has founded sports and rehabilitation center «ФИЗ» („FIZ”) at the Latvian Sports Committee; has developed «Диететика» ("Dietetics”) - the method of harmonic education, spiritual and physical perfection

           1989 up to now – publishing of articles about health in mass media ("Soviet Youth” /«Советская Молодёжь»/, "Folk healer” /«Народный Целитель»/, "Lilit” /«Лилит»/, "360oetc.)

                         1990-1991 – masseur and healer of the national track-and-field team of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

                        1997 – Host of the series of TV broadcasts "OLIMPIJA” about health on the Latvian TV channel TV-RĪGA

                        2000 - 2005 – Personal healer and masseur of the members of Russian government


Job Skills


  • Kolo Massage    (my invention) – my patented authoring 
  • Sports   (increase of capability for work and assurance coefficient)
  • Deeply relaxing (recovery, relaxation, elimination of suppressions)
  • Anticellulite
  • For weight loss
  • Medical and prophylactic (pains, diseases)
  • Point (on bioactive zones of the body, feet, hands, ears)
  • Relax swing (my invention)
  • Backbone (my know-how)
  • Manual joint (my technique)
  • Synthetic – many-sided (my technique)
  • Face rejuvenation (my method)
  • General rejuvenation

CLASSICAL (my style-unique)                                          
CHIROPRACTIC (my style,backbone,joints)                     
MEDICAL (my style,neck,head,backbone,joints,etc.)           
FACE^S REJUVENATION (my style-unique)                       
SPORT (my style,deep,for joints,muscles)      
RELAX (bioactive zones,points,head,ears,palms,feet)
REJUVENATION (sinthetic,universal)
RECREATION (local & total)
ACCUPRESSURE (bioactive points)
REFLEXOLOGY (bioactive zones)
Mob.ph.+371 29512928, voleg8@hotmail.com
                                 Issue 22 (584). 09.06.2009
                                  "ЛЮБЛЮ" magazine
      Today the guest of our section is Oleg Primizenkin.He is a folk healer and  the completely unique specialist.We have not the heart to say a simple word "masseur".Nevertheless,in point fact,he is Since 1970 he has been carrying out massage and treating sportsmen and top models (all over Europe),usual people and oligarchs, ill ones and healthy ones, acquaintances and relatives and himself at last.Its CV contains information about dozen of courses for qualification improvement courses,practice work in eight countries as well as about titanic work for self improvement.For a number of decades Oleg is a very strict vegetarian;he develops new diets and healing methods and always tests on his own body.And he also writes books, lyrics, makes up proverbs and invents thing...

      His latest invention-KOLO Massage  has been developed and improved by Oleg for some years.As a result he created the completely newest technique of influence and healing, which is not like any currently existing ones.Its main difference is the KOLO Massage is synthetic one.To explain:usual massage

      Having observed outside work of Oleg, it looks like a .It is a universal method and it suits to most people suffering and not suffering from any problems.As a result KOLO-Massage recreation takes place after physical and mental overwork;it also helps in case of lack of physical exertion (instead of sports if a person is lazy).It works as a healing massage -eliminates suppression, cramps, restraint' it acts as a  rejuvenating one- increases speed of body metabolism and elimination of metabolism products.Patients call Oleg's sessions "passive sport":you lays, sometimes drowsing, and your muscles, ligaments, joints work, recover,heal.


KOLO Massage and its Versions Depending on Its Purpose

  This method allows relaxing in way the human body has already forgotten.However,there are physiological,biochemical,mechanical and other kinds of memory.So it is important to remind the body its previous experience.Body relaxation becomes deeper and deeper from session as well as in the process of implementation of individual session.This process is accompanied by reactions of oxidation-reduction and metabolism processes in neuromuscular tissues and in brain hemispheres.Further,outside the massage room,the body memory may actuate in automatic way.It means that the memory as spasmolytic supports the certain level of absence of tension so a man will not lose energy in which takes place under permanent stress.

 17.03-2009.This work is of some applicatory interest.

Head of Physical Medicine Department of Pauls Stradins Clinical University HospitalV. V.Manukhin.

 Seal:illegible 180736-11509 

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